Sarah is a strong yoga teacher that teaches with compassion and authenticity. Her classes are well rounded and filled with options to suit all ability levels along with safe hand-on assists. As a studio owner, I appreciate Sarah’s professionalism. She is always friendly and always timely. I love Sarah’s classes!

— Jenna P.

Sarah is a gifted teacher. Her sequencing is thoughtful, creative and I always leave her classes feeling more grounded and positive.

— Lisa S.

Sarah is a phenomenal yoga teacher! I always Leave her classes feeling refreshed and strong. Her sequences are intuitive and challenging while also calming and grounding.

— Kayt M.

Sarah is great! She is knowledgeable and friendly and has a lot of enthusiasm. My yoga practice has improved greatly with her help.

— Glen C.

Sarah Hoffman is easily the best yoga teacher I have ever encountered. Her voice is soothing, and she is incredibly aware of her students needs, tailoring practice to match our energy levels.

— Tufts Student

For many years, physical therapists have recommended that I take a yoga class, as I carry all of my stress and anxiety in my upper back/shoulders/neck. I was unsure, as I’ve never been a very flexible person and the random classes I took here and there were unfulfilling. This course has been incredibly rejuvenating for my mental and physical health and I wish I could take it again next semester!

— Tufts Student

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